Where are our readers from? Complete our quick survey!

WE ARE DOING a quick poll to find out where in Hedon our readers actually live.

We can use the information gathered to work out if we need to do more to gather news from particular areas.

We have split Hedon up into SIX areas – plus 7. Outside Hedon (from anywhere else in the UK or world – do leave a comment and tell us where!) and latterly added option 8 to indicate those within Hedon’s boundary, but not captured by the map. We know it’s always a dodgy thing to do, because not everybody likes to be ‘labelled’ – but it is just to give us a rough idea of where our readers come from.

So looking at the Map – which of these areas best describes where you live?

Hedon Google Map - Areas

If you are not sure where on the map you are, but still want to help, please leave a comment or email us at hedonblog@gmx.com with the name of your street.

Thanks for your help with this.

We ran the same survey a couple of years ago and will compare the results next week.
Thank you for your help.

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  1. My mother lived in Princess Ave till she married in 1968. My grandparents lived there and then on Drapers lane till late 1990’s
    Their name was Booth

  2. I have the same ‘problem’ as Janet. I live on Preston Road too (opposite Rush Lyvers Fishing Lakes. Wait ’til I see you in the pub Ray!

  3. Unfortunately this map does not cover all of the area that is designated as the town of Hedon. I live off Preston Road, Hedon, just before you get to the sign which marks the boundary where Hedon starts/finishes on this road. It’s never included in the map of Hedon but Hedon does extend along this road until just before South Holderness school grounds start. So exactly which area do I place myself in?
    Janet Bucknall

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