Hedon buses – the rare number 80 service

THERE are a few bus services which run to and from Hedon which we consider “rare”. By that we mean they provide quite a unique service and are supported by subsidies from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council. Like all rare things, these services need to be treasured and not be allowed to decline or go extinct! Use them or lose them!

80 bus DrapersService 80 to Hull (runs each day Monday – Friday):

There are two service 80 routes.

One which starts at 9:32am in the morning from Hedon crossroads, travels to Paull scheduled to get there at 9:40am and makes its way to town along Hedon Road (via Victoria Dock, Hull) before arriving at Hull Interchange for 10.07am.

The other leaves Hedon crossroads at 11:39am and visits the Westlands area via Draper’s Lane picking up anywhere (where it is safe to do so) along that part of the route.

A popular stop is outside the Holderness Grange Lifestyle Village. The service travels along Hedon Road (via Victoria Dock, Hull) arriving at Hull Interchange for 12.07pm. The bus gets you into town in less than half an hour.

Service 80 to Hedon (runs each day Monday – Friday):
One service 80 leaves Hull Interchange each day at 11am and travels (via Victoria Dock, Hull) to Paull scheduled for 11.27am and back to Hedon for 11.35am at the Market Place.

See the timetables at the East Riding Motor Services (EYMS) website.

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  1. Before arriving at hedon crossroads at 9:32 it goes onto westlands estate at 9:24 and in market place for 9:28 but sometimes runs late and arrives at 9:30

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