Westlands play park and youth shelter vandalised

THE play park and the skate park youth shelter on Far Bank were both targets of vandalism on Saturday night (26th September 2015).

Damage fire youth shelter Sat 26th 15

Youth shelter – fire damage

Damage fire youth shelter 2 Sat 26th 15The soft floor area at the Westlands play park was cut up and left strewn around the area.

This is not the first time that the flooring – the special soft, springy area that makes the park safer – has been vandalised in this way. A local resident reported on the Hedon Blog Facebook page on September 20th that the flooring (which had already been repaired from a previous vandal attack) had been ripped up and set on fire.

Reported Jon Garrod

Prior vandal attack

The resident’s post was widely shared and there were lots of comments from people angry about the damage.

Two seats on the swings at the park, and the seat on the zip wire ride, were also damaged on Saturday according to residents at the park yesterday.

Damage park 2 Sat 26th Sept 15

Saturday’s damage to the park was reported to the police and to a Hedon Town Councillor after 7pm, but later that night the skate park youth shelter was also damaged by a fire. Young people at the site yesterday afternoon – who were still using the shelter to sit in despite the ash and damage – said that the shelter had been fine when they left it at 9:30pm.

Hedon Town Council who are responsible for the upkeep of the two amenity areas will need to ensure that both sites are made safe but also will have to discuss longer-term responses amidst resident calls for CCTV, more regular policing and the removal of the youth shelter.

The young people at the shelter yesterday said that they do not wish to see the shelter removed, but older residents have expressed concerns about anti-social and even criminal activity that is perceived to take place at the shelter.

In light of the damage to the safety flooring, Hedon Town Council have placed a notice at the play park advising residents to take extra care when using the amenities.

Anyone with information about the damage should contact police on telephone 101.

Damage park notice

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  1. I took my grandson to the skate park and there were children aged between 12 – 16 in the shelter. They where setting light to the bench and the shelter for a “laugh”. They then moved to the park and set about the swings and the slide.
    These are local children causing damage to property. These are “children” have no respect for property or other people.
    These “children” should be followed home and vandalise their property to see how they like it.
    Mindless and no respect.

  2. Proof that there should be more police patrols in the area but I suppose they’ve been hit by the Tory governments cuts.

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