Hedon Volunteers sign up to the Dog Poo Challenge

Dog Poo challenge postersSINCE publicising the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s appeal for volunteers for the Dog Poo Challenge on HU12 Online – Are you up to the Dog Poo Challenge?  it has been reported back to the Hedon Blog that twelve volunteers have signed-up in Hedon which is a fantastic response! Additionally, two have volunteered in Keyingham, one in Preston and one in Bilton so far.

Volunteers would be given training by the dog wardens on the dog fouling law and would help by challenging those dog walkers who fail to clean up after their pets. As well as encouraging responsible dog ownership, volunteers would gain an understanding of what evidence is required in order for a £75 fixed penalty notice to be issued.

For more details ring East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s dog warden team on 01482 396301 or email dog.warden@eastriding.gov.uk
Dog warden leaflet

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  1. That is really good news. I hope it is owners who get bad press and not the dogs. As a responsible dog owner myself I always clean up, it is my responsibility to do so. What annoys me is when I see dog bags full and just left on ground. Grrr.

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