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Wychcroft housing development back on council agenda

PLANNING permission is once again being sought to build twenty-eight new dwellings on Wychcroft on Magdalen Lane.

Artist sketch of proposed development

Artist sketch of proposed development

Peter Read, Director of Birstall May Ltd., has resubmitted his planning application for residential development of Wychcroft with associated access roads, landscaping including provision of wildlife ponds. The planning application also proposes significant flood alleviation works using a lagoon and swale system. According to the planning documentation the flood alleviation works would be able to cope with flood waters higher than those which caused so much disruption in 2007.

Hedon Town Council will discuss the application at its Planning Committee Meeting at the Town Hall on Thursday 17th September 2015 starting at 7:15pm.

In May this year Hedon Town Council re-affirmed an earlier decision NOT to support the application;

  • due to it leading to the loss of one of the town’s important green spaces,
  • the history of flooding at Wychcroft and the surrounding area,
  • new housing would increase that flood risk,
  • the existence of protected wildlife at Wychcroft,
  • the additional pressure that the development would place on parking in the town.

Hedon Town Hall - built in 1692 - Council meets in the Chamber through the doors and up the stairs. Just walk in!

Interested in attending? The meeting takes place in the Hedon Town Hall, go through the main door and up the stairs to the council chamber for 7:15pm on Thursday 17th September 2015.

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  1. Lets not forget Mr Peter Reads intentions are not for the good of the town, only to benefit himself. It is perfectly clear the people of Hedon do not want this development, Its time he should respect that.

  2. It’s all very well saying these houses will be lost-cost or to help first-time buyers etc. but what happened when housing was built on the old Johnson’s property on the corner of Magdalen Lane. They were snapped up by buy-to-let people and I fear that will happen with the Wychcroft houses too.

  3. Hi Ian – I wasn’t at the meeting I was away unfortunately. But I understand that the Hedon Town Council (Planning Committee) has once again recommended that planning permission is refused by the East Riding Council.

    Historically the Town Council has rejected the plans on a number of issues including the loss of green open space, the increased risk of flooding in the town that might be caused, and the effects that new housing might have on the infrastructure of the town particularly bringing increased pressure on parking facilities.

    East Riding of Yorkshire Council apparently have advised Hedon Town Council that no more houses would be built in Hedon on any land until the flood risk problem is resolved.

    In defence of the application, Mr Peter Read of Birstall May (who was unable to be present), submitted a 3-page letter which he claimed answered the council’s historical objections. In particular, that a report by the Environment Agency acknowledges that the flood alleviation scheme presented within the application will actually mitigate surface water flooding events including to surrounding properties.

    Mr Read believes that the planning application is wholly consistent with good practice and design. “If approved, it brings to Hedon much needed family accommodation that will inevitably release smaller houses and apartments in the area for those starting out on home occupancy” he says in his submission.

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