Handover of Hedon’s Historic Pingsdorf Pitcher

Pingsdorf Pitcher and Grordon

Gordon Rutherford (Chairman of Hedon Museum Society) with the Pingsdorf Pitcher on display.

WHEN an earthenware wine jar, exported from the German Rhineland village pottery of Pingsdorf, was dropped into the wharf-side at Hedon in the 12th century, it was probably presumed lost for ever. But 800 years later in 2001, immaculately preserved by the silt and the mud, the clay pot was excavated from the ancient wharf-side in what is now Baxtergate, and is regarded as a marvellous and rare example of complete and unbroken Pingsdorf ware.

The Pingsdorf Pitcher as it is known was the best archaeological discovery at an excavation done in 2001. The discovery of the pitcher is historically significant to Hedon because it proves that continental trade was being conducted in the place during the 12th century when it was the 11th largest port in England.

The dig was done at the behest of the Hedon landowner Mr John Page who said that at the time he lived only 150 – 200 yards away from the site where the pitcher was found. Through Mr Page’s generosity the pitcher has remained in Hedon and been displayed at Hedon Museum. However, the benefactor’s support for the town’s history has now been exemplified through his formal handover of the artefact to the ownership of the town via the Hedon Museum.

Handover of Pingsdorf Pitcher

Handover: Dr Martin Craven (Hedon Museum), Mrs Judy Page, Mayor Cllr Neil Black, Gordon Rutherford (Hedon Museum).

At a pleasant social event at the Hedon Museum on Saturday 5th September 2015 the Pingsdorf Pitcher was ceremonially and formally handed over into the safe-keeping of the museum.

The 669th Hedon Mayor, Councillor Neil Black was delighted to accept the treasured jar which for the purposes of the handover was represented by a framed photograph, the pitcher itself being far too fragile to be handled. The photograph was later presented to Mr Page and his wife Judy.

The Pingsdorf Pitcher is on display at Hedon Museum on open days Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10am – 4pm. Just follow the signs in Hedon Town Centre to find the Museum.

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