HedFest Programme – reCOGnition stage @ St Augustine’s Church

St Augustine's Church

HEDFEST brings you reCOGnition @ St Augustine’s Church:

FRIDAY 14th August 2015:
6.00-6.30pm Amber Warren
6.40-7.10pm  Imogen Hart
7.25-8.00pm Happy Endings
8.10-8.50pm Mark Martindale
9.10-9.55pm Queenan Cox
10.15-11pm Lucy Marshall
11.00pm TRE AMICI

SATURDAY 15th August 2015:
1.30-2.00pm Neil Thomas
2.30-3.00pm Bell Ringers (Change to Programme)
3.20-4.00pm Katie Spencer
4.20-5.00pm Mike Gledhill
5.10-5.40pm Barry Cundill
5.50-6.20pm Michael Nagasaka
6.30-7.00pm Two Cellos
7.10-7.40pm Graham Graham Beck
7.50-8.20pm Elle Grice
8.30-9.00pm Pete McLeod
9.10-9.40pm Tim O’Connor
9.50-10.20pm Garry Burnett
10.30-11.00pm Carrie Martin

Entry by WRIST BAND: Buy on Friday and Saturday until 9pm from Hedon Town Hall or from South Holderness Technology College Car Park, Station Road, Preston.

Covers all festival venues valid for both Friday and Saturday events.

£3 Adults, £1.50 Children (under 12’s go FREE)


HedFest Wrist Band Orange 2

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