HedFest Programme – Quiet Riot stage @ Haven Arms

Haven Arms

HEDFEST brings you the Quiet Riot stage @ the Haven Arms:

FRIDAY 14th August 2015:
6.15-6.45pm Bard of Holderness
7.15-7.45pm Velvet Dolls
8.15-8.45pm Breeze
9.15-9.45pm Fire (The Unstoppable Force)
10.15-11pm Black Delta Movement

SATURDAY 15th August 2015:
12.00-2.00pm Freedom Rd Creative Arts
2.15-2.45pm Sea of Wires
3.15-3.45pm Queenan Cox
4.15-4.45pm Mark Rowland David Gray
5.15-5.45pm Mr Sneaks
6.15-6.45pm Dogfinger Steve
7.15-7.45pm Attack the Embassy
8.15-8.45pm Wayward Suns
9.15-9.45pm Supersonic Jets
10.15-10.45pm Madisons (Change to the programme)
11.15-12.00pm Chadelics

Entry by WRIST BAND: Buy on Friday and Saturday until 9pm from Hedon Town Hall or from South Holderness Technology College Car Park, Station Road, Preston.

Covers all festival venues valid for both Friday and Saturday events.

£3 Adults, £1.50 Children (under 12’s go FREE)


The Singer snip

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  1. The Chadelics (11.15pm tonight in the Haven Arms) are four teenagers from Cumbria playing infectious indie rock with catchy riffs that attach themselves to your ears with strong, intelligent lyrics and delicious harmonies

    Gritty guitars, melodic basslines and thumping tom work, the Chadelics – Britpop Indie Punkrock Psychedelic Pop Alternative Live Act.



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