Council Review Panel to seek to “solve” Yorkshire Water’s 15 year odour control problem

Fix Move or Close Janice Collins Gillyon

Protest at Yorkshire Water’s Saltend site. Photo: Janice Collins Gillyon

“We owe it to our residents to find a permanent solution,” said East Riding Councillor Mike Bryan, after hearing the news that a Review Panel is being set up by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council to solve the 15-year-old problem of odour control at the Yorkshire Water Waste Water Treatment Plant on Hedon Road.

Cllr. Bryan had raised the matter of the smells from the Yorkshire Water site at the full council meeting last week and asked its Leader, Cllr. Stephen Parnaby, to confirm that the East Riding authority was doing everything possible to solve the problem. Cllr Parnaby’s response firmly supported local residents who, he said had put up with this situation for much too long and he recommended an urgent Review Panel be set up to look into the long-standing problems at the plant and scrutinise Yorkshire Water’s plans to resolve the issues.

Cllr. Bryan said “I was extremely pleased with the action proposed by Cllr. Parnaby and the fact that he shares our frustration over disappointing performance of Yorkshire Water.

“A Review Panel made up of East Riding of Yorkshire Councillors will be able to look in-depth at this issue which has blighted the lives of residents and local businesses for so many years and come up with recommendations.

“We owe it to our residents to ensure Yorkshire Water find a permanent solution.”

stop stench posterMeanwhile, local residents building on the protest at the gates of the Saltend site last week have continued their high-profile campaign on social media gathering together over 2,000 members of a Facebook Group ‘Stench at Saltend’ and circulating a campaign poster widely.

They have also lobbied Yorkshire Water via the water company’s own social media public relations services on Facebook and Twitter.

A committee with representatives from Hedon and Hull has met for the first time to discuss the next steps in the campaign.

A petition calling on the East Riding Council “to issue an abatement order on Yorkshire Water as a statutory nuisance and requiring the abatement or cessation of the nuisance, and to prohibit its recurrence”, has collected 2,250 signatures.

Hedon resident Bradley Robinson, started the petition, upon which he states:

“For many years the general public have endured horrendous odours leaking from the Yorkshire water treatment plant located on Hedon road in Hull.

“Cases of the odours have been reported from as far away as six miles from the plant. This petition is intended to prompt East Riding of Yorkshire Council to immediately issue an abatement order on Yorkshire water as per the 1990 Environmental protection act which allows any person aggrieved by the existence of a statutory nuisance to seek an order from magistrates requiring the abatement or cessation of the nuisance, and to prohibit its recurrence.”

Mr Robinson had urged residents to sign the petition, particularly “if you, or your family living in the area have been affected by the odours leaking from the treatment plant.”

(Campaign status: ONGOING)

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  1. Press Release from Graham Stuart MP’s office:

    Graham Stuart has welcomed today’s announcement by East Riding Council leader Stephen Parnaby that an urgent review panel will be established to investigate how Yorkshire Water plans to solve the smell from the Saltend Waste Water Treatment Plant, which has seriously affected local residents this summer and on and off for several years previously.

    The review panel, which will be made up of East Riding councillors, was announced in response to a question from South West Holderness Councillor Mike Bryan, who has been at the forefront of the campaign to ensure Yorkshire Water is held to account.

    Graham said,

    “I am delighted that East Riding of Yorkshire of Council will conduct an urgent review into the longstanding problems at the Saltend plant. This has been an issue I have campaigned on for many years and although progress has been made, not least with the addition of a second odour control unit in 2011, this summer’s outbreak has revealed that the plant’s systems still cannot cope with high levels of demand.

    “Yorkshire Water have informed me of the measures they are taking to address the problem in the short term, including the delivery of 17 tanker loads of fresh bacteria a day to deal with the excess, and also their plans to prevent this problem recurring next year and in the years after that. This Review can examine those plans in detail and ensure people can enjoy their summer rather than have it ruined by the stench.”

  2. Every time a driver gets close to Saltend the stench is horrible. My lad visited from Hull and said to me he was nearly sick. The smell was of s*** and did not know if he could continue to drive with out been sick.
    Every day I drive by the “poo factory” and have to hold my nose and my breath. Even my 4 year old grandson calls it the “smelly, stinky poo factory”
    1)Why in the first place was this granted planning permission, so close to houses and close to industrial units? I feel sorry for those close by having to work. Every day feeling sick and having to put with the smell and boss threatening you with the sack if you leave?
    2) Why was the site granted permission to bring waste in from other area’s?
    3) What is happening to the waste? Where is it being stored and how long for?
    4) Why is the site still taking in waste when the stench has not been resolved?
    5) Why are the council taking so long on acting against the company?
    6)The residents of surrounding area’s should be compensated for the stench.
    It’s the residents who have had enough. May be we should with hold our water rates?

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