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Hedon is Blooming Good!

Hedon in Bloom poster 2015
WITH talks of a Hedon Pong (and it’s not a ‘Hedon’ pong but a Yorkshire Water stink by the way!) then it’s comforting to know that the town is fighting back not only through protests, but in creating beautiful gardens that fill the air with natural floral aromas – and actually Hedon folk are blooming good gardeners too!

This year’s Hedon in Bloom organised by the Town Council is a great opportunity for showcasing what life is normally like during the summer – with residents tending and enjoying their gardens. And Doug Stewart of the BBC is the Judge so a chance for contestants to meet the Radio Humberside presenter too!

This year let’s hope that there are a bumper number of entries into the competition and get Hedon into the news for its gardens, flowers and plants – rather than pongs and nose pegs!

If you’ve got a beautiful garden large or small then consider entering the competition – if you spot or know of another beautiful garden, perhaps a neighbour’s or friend’s garden in the town then pop an entry form through their door – at the very least they’ll appreciate the compliment!

Closing date for entries EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLEDTuesday 25th August 2015.

Click poster for a printable copy, and download a competition entry form here.

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