Freedom of Hedon Parade – Smart turnout from Cadets

Cadets Freedom of Hedon 2015

The Humberside and South Yorkshire Army Cadet Force exercised their Freedom of Hedon in a smart parade on Sunday 12th July 2015. The Freedom of Hedon Parade involves army cadets from across the county and usually takes place in the town every two years.

Mayor Neil Black inspects cadetsThe Freedom of Hedon was granted to the army cadet force in 1960 and confers the rights of cadets and their instructors to march through the town with flags flying and drums playing. The Hedon Town Council scroll which grants this freedom is carried in a small wooden chest which is formally offered to the Hedon Mayor for inspection. The Mayor also inspects the formed ranks of cadets too as part of his civic duty.

Following the formal inspection by the 669th Mayor of Hedon, Councillor Neil Black, the cadets then marched in smart parade to the St Augustine’s Church for a special service, speeches and scripture readings. The parade then reformed and continued to Market Place where cadets offered the official salute to the Mayor and their commanding officer Colonel Nigel Wilkinson.

The event ended with civic refreshments at the Alexandra Hall.

Freedom of Hedon scrolls in box 2 Marching Cadets FOH 2015Cadets Church Lane

Colonel Wilkinson Mayor and Mace Bearer

Commandant Colonel Nigel Wilkinson, Hedon Mayor Councillor Neil Black and temporary Mace Bearer Councillor Colin Billany

Note: The event involved the appearance of a new civic figure in the town when Councillor Colin Billany took on the role of official Mace Bearer for the event. Councillor Billany had taken on the role – albeit temporarily – because the new Mace Bearer is currently the subject of a town council recruitment campaign.

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