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More than £1.4m saved by residents through energy-switch scheme

ENERGY-SWITCHING scheme YORSwitch organised by East Riding of Yorkshire Council has now saved residents more than £1.4 million on their fuel bills!

YORSwitch Leaflet001YORSwitch is a FREE scheme which gives residents the chance to make savings on their fuel bills by registering to take part in a collective auction of energy suppliers.

More than 5,100 households in the East Riding registered for the most recent YORSwitch auction. These were combined with a number of similar initiatives around the UK to create a collective of 30,000 households from more than 100 local authorities as part of the Big Community Switch.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council regularly attracts high numbers of participants and this has resulted in iChoosr, which runs the Big Community Switch, presenting a Certificate of Recognition for the amount of money – £1,160,771.63 – the council has saved its residents. Since the certificate was awarded, hundreds more switches have taken place, bringing the cumulative total for domestic electricity and gas savings over the eight previous rounds to over £1.4million in the East Riding.

Councillor Stephen Parnaby OBE, leader of East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “It’s extremely pleasing to see how much money the council has been able to help people save through this scheme.

“The council has regularly attracted large numbers of participants for these auctions and this has been recognised with this certificate. I’d like to thank everyone involved at the council in organising the scheme for making these savings possible for our residents.”

Local Hedon Town Councillor Steve Gallant commented on HU12 Online in June about the scheme: “I would really urge you to sign up for YORSwitch. My British Gas contract was coming to end, so I signed up. I’ve just got the YORswitch offer – and it will save me 20% compared to the last year (whereas resigning with British Gas would actually have cost me more! And the irony is the YORSwitch deal is with British Gas. So the same supplier for over 20% less. There is no commitment until you see your offer. So you can only win.”

In the latest auction, more than 60% of residents in the East Riding who completed the registration process went on to make the switch, saving on average £267 each.

The next auction will be the ninth round and residents will be able to register their interest from Tuesday 4th August until Monday 12th October 2015, with the auction then held on Tuesday 13th October 2015.

Householders who register are under no obligation to switch to the auction-winning supplier’s tariff offer but, if they do accept, it is an easy and straightforward process.


If you do nothing, you will pay more!

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