St Augustine’s Church… in a chair!

STILL by Vanessa WilsonThe “HAND MADE” exhibition in Hull which celebrates craft as an art form, contains one piece in which St Augustine’s Church in Hedon is depicted as a component part. The exhibition piece “STILL” is a chair which contains a photographic print of the church in the cushion.

Artist and photographer Vanessa Wilson, who has recently moved to this country from South Africa and is married to a UK citizen previously from Hedon, says that her piece conveys the implied meaning that, even though, perhaps to some, the chair and the church, have both lost their value and purpose, their value still exists and they are both “STILL” here, ever useful, ever beautiful and with great purpose and potential for all who would come and embrace and celebrate them.

Asked why she opted to use an image of St Augustine’s, Vanessa replied:

“The reason I chose the Hedon church, is multi faceted: Its architectural beauty. Its religious, cultural and historical significance to the area. I found it captivating and felt that even though many in and around Hedon spoke highly of it, maybe not enough valued it for the purpose for which it was created. Hence my piece.”

Vanessa says that “STILL” is just one exhibit in a collection comprising pieces created in a variety of mediums and using different craft formats. It celebrates the technical and artistic abilities, skills and talents of crafters from the region.

The “Hand Made” exhibition is currently on at the POP (Pride of Place) Art Gallery on the Top Retail Level, Princes Quay Shopping Centre, Hull. The exhibition runs until the end of July 2015.

The gallery is open daily, Monday to Saturday 12 midday – 5pm and Sundays 12 -4pm.

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