Life in Miniature! Dolls House Decor and Furniture at Hedon Museum

Harlands of Hedon - Katy Miller
Harlands of Hedon are exhibiting from Wednesday 24th June 2015 at Hedon Museum as Katy Miller explains:

Don’t miss your opportunity to see the delightful exhibition of little clay and wooden models made by Lesley and Richard Harland. Their small creations have had a big impact. The miniatures made by Harlands of Hedon sit in dolls houses across the world.

The hobby became a business 17 years ago but began completely out of the blue when Lesley recalled a childhood memory. She’d always wanted a doll’s house when she was little, but as they were very expensive she’d never asked for one. Years later she suddenly said to her husband ‘do you want to have a go at making me a doll’s house?’ He gave it a try and discovered a hidden talent. Lesley began practising with polymer clay and made the decorations for the inside of the house, and the joint hobby was born. They kept making things together until they had nowhere to put everything, at which point they realised they had something they could sell.

Harlands of Hedon has been a runaway success. Lesley and Richard have perfected their techniques. A favourite of Richard’s creations is the work bench. With spanners, hammers, old tins and the wood splattered with paint, it looked genuinely like the real thing. Lesley has become very talented with polymer clay, mixing ground rice with the clay to make things like bread and cheese look truly edible. The most beautiful of her clay models though, was the salmon; perfect in colour, texture and detail.

This is a must see exhibition, so make sure to visit us at Hedon Museum, located behind the town hall. Just follow the signs in Hedon town centre.

Opening times are every Wednesday and Saturday between 10am and 4pm. Refreshments available.

Exhibition runs from Wednesday 24th June to Wednesday 22nd July 2015.
Hedon Museum - Find us-001

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