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Town Council discussion on Hull and the Hedon Aerodrome land

You are now leaving Hull question mark

A DISCUSSION on ‘whether to have a discussion’ with Hull City Council over the future use of the land to the west of Hedon known locally as the ‘Aerodrome’ or the ‘Racecourse’ will take place at Hedon Town Council on Thursday.

The town council during its Planning will discuss its ‘communication’ with Hull City Council and whether dialogue with that authority should take place.

The Hedon Town Council Planning Committee starts at 7:15pm at the Town Hall on Thursday 11th June 2015.

The meeting is open to the public and representatives from Preston Parish Council have been invited to attend (the land is owned by Hull City Council but actually located in Preston parish).

More on this at: Negotiations with Hull over Hedon Aerodrome land?

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  1. If there are no signposts indicating a boundary, i.e. “You are leaving Yorkshire”, or “Welcome to Holderness”. Can Hull ignore the official boundaries and claim this land as coming within their boundaries because of their “common usage” or some other phraseology?


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