Hedon’s Harry wins first leg of AquaX ski championship

Harry Robinson

Harry Robinson competing in Scarbrough

FOURTEEN year old Harry Robinson from Leaf Sail Farm in Hedon has won his first round of the season of the amateur AquaX jetski national championships.

Harry is the youngest racer in the rookie class of the competition and raced in Scarborough last weekend (30th and 31st May 2015). In the three races, competing against over 20 other riders, he claimed the top spot after what commentators said was a “thrilling ride”.

Dad, Steve Robinson, is a top class AquaX rider coming third in last year’s national championships and is ranked the seventh best rider in the world, but this year due to a broken foot he is unable to compete so is spending his time coaching and supporting Harry.

Steve said: “Harry is doing fantastic – first round and he won! Last season Harry finished overall 5th and would have done much better, but he missed one round because of his age, he was too young to compete.”

There are another four races in the championship which includes the Hull leg in August: The powerboat and jet ski races on the River Humber over the weekend of Saturday 8th August and Sunday 9th August 2015, also coincides with Hull’s Grand Prix of the Sea. Hull Marina and viewing points along the Humber are usually packed out for this weekend with people wanting to catch the best views of the excitement.

We are sure that people in Hedon will want to follow Harry’s progress during the competition. And we also wish Steve Robinson all the best on his road to recovery and return to competition next year.

Click the link for information about each of the venues in the table below. Find out more information about the Races and the Riders at the P1 AquaX website.

Saturday 11th July Sunday 12th July 2015 Gosport      
Saturday 8th August Sunday 9th August 2015 Hull      
Sunday 30th August Monday 31st August 2015 Cardiff      
Saturday 12th September  Sunday 13th September 2015   Bournemouth

Visit: www.p1aquax.co.uk

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