£2,000 to Prostate Cancer UK from Mayor’s Charity

Prostate Cancer UK cheque presentation wide

Alan Stirling from Prostate Cancer UK accepts cheque from John and Jennifer Dennis in their last role as Mayor and Mayoress on Thursday afternoon (28th May 2015)

PROSTATE Cancer UK received a cheque this week of £2,000 from Councillor John Dennis in his last public role as the 668th Mayor of Hedon. One way that the charity will use the donated funds is to raise awareness of prostate cancer, so we thought that the donation provides an opportunity to raise awareness via the Hedon Blog as well:

The charity was Councillor Dennis’ chosen charity during his year in office. He picked the good cause as recipient of his charity fundraising efforts because of what he termed his own ‘brush with the condition’ a few short years ago. He had gone to see his doctor for a ‘health check’ with the aim of measuring his cholesterol – the results of his test diagnosed early stage prostate cancer which completely shocked him, but the diagnosis had come early enough to allow treatment to be effective.

Alan Stirling, a volunteer from Prostate Cancer UK, who received the cheque on behalf of the charity urged men to seek early diagnosis. However, he emphasised that most men develop no early symptoms at all, yet 1 in 8 men will still get prostate cancer, so the message is take advantage of precautionary health checks.

Some men may develop problems urinating, for example needing to pee more often than usual especially at night. This doesn’t mean you have prostate cancer, but such problems are something to discuss with your GP.

  • Prostate cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in men in the UK
  • Over 40,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year
  • Every hour 1 man dies from prostate cancer

The risk of getting prostate cancer, which only affects men, increase if you are in one of the following groups:

  • A man over 50. Risks then increase with age;
  • A black man. About 1 in 4 black men in the UK will get prostate cancer;
  • Family members diagnosed. If your father or brother has been diagnosed, your risks increase by two and a half times.

Concerned about any of the issues raised here? Get further advice or arrange a check-up at your GP surgery.


Risk of Prostate Cancer poster
Symptoms of Prostate Cancer via YouTube

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