Demonstration of Craft Skills at Hedon Museum

Tony and Alison GrantYOU must pop in and see Tony and Alison Grant at the Hedon Museum during their fascinating “From the Garden Shed” exhibition which includes live demonstrations of their craft skills – and the Cloth Rubiks’ Cubes are brilliant too!

Additionally there’s a raffle plus a ‘guess the number of pins’ competition.

Every Saturday and Wednesday, 10am – 4pm until Wednesday 20th June 2015.

Pins counting

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  1. A message from Alison Grant posted to our Facebook page:

    Just to let everyone who visited the “fromthegardenshed” exhibition at Hedon Museum – the raffle was won by Mrs Tansey from Hedon who chose a nuno felted scarf as her prize and the pins …… oh those pins …… I counted them myself on the last day and there were 819 in the jar; Allan Marshall guessed the exact number on the opening day of the exhibition and has won a garden centre voucher. Thank you to everyone who came; we are able to give the Museum just over £40 as proceeds from the raffle and pins – and there were a few more pounds in cake sales. Thank you so much for your support and we hope to see you again.


  2. The ‘pins in the jar’ are causing a lot of furrowed brows and consternation – even we don’t know how many are in there!! We’d love to see and meet as many of you as can come; there’s lots to see and we’re always up for a bit of chatting – oh yes, there’s homemade cake as well – sold out today!! The ‘guess the pins’, cake sales and a raffle are all for Museum funds – so come along and support your amazing local Museum!


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