Surprise! Mayor’s Charity Fund ‘cheque bombing’ presentations

HEDON Mayor and Mayoress, Councillor John Dennis and Mrs Jennifer Dennis, have been ‘springing’ surprises on community groups in the area with giant cheque presentations representing donations from the Mayor’s Charity Funds. These are some of the last acts of the current 668th Mayor and his wife who end their civic term next Thursday 28th May 2015.

Guides Mayor Cheque Presentation

Victoria Hyde, Alice Dilley and Amy Porter (Guide Leaders) accept the cheque on behalf of Hedon Guides

On Tuesday Hedon Guides were subject to a ‘cheque bombing’ amidst their craft activities at the Methodist Church and were donated £200. Later in his role as guest Chairman at the Annual General Meeting of Hedon Museum Society at the Town Hall, the Mayor presented the Society’s actual Chairman Gordon Rutherford with a surprise cheque, this time for £500.

Hedon Museum Society Cheque Presentation

Gordon Rutherford delighted to accept cheque from the Mayor

Who knows where the Mayor, Mayoress and their big cheques will turn up next?

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  1. absolutely fantastic! thank you so much to the council and the major! we love surprises like this! we haven’t totally decided how we will best use the money yet, but we hope to now have a evening out at the end of term, and we will be able to fund archery at our camp in June, thank you again. Vic Walsh guide leader.


    • You’re welcome Vic.
      Just to clarify, the monies haven’t come from council funds but from monies raised by the mayor for charity during his year of office.


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