Wednesday Writings – Ode to loosing one`s seat

“Ode to loosing one`s seat” – By David Thompson
(this applies equally to all politicians, of whatever party at national and local level)

On my “Portillo moment”,
My wife did say to me,
A blessing in disguise my dear
I said, seems well disguised to me,

You can help me in the garden
And tidy out the shed.
And all those jobs around the house
Lots of things to do instead

Of sitting in committees,
On every other night,
While I`m watching television,
In my lonely plight.

We could go see Aunty Audrey
You know she takes to you
Take her walking in her wheelchair
I whispered “whuppy do”,

Of agendas now you`re free, just think
How lovely it will be
To get my hubby back,
and doing jobs for me.

Inspiration in adversity! Prompted by his recent non-election to Hedon Town Council, HedFester and Poet, David Thompson, has written this ode to his “Portillo moment” – but we could quite easily have given it the title “Hedon’s Loss, Carole’s Gain” (Carole being David’s wife).

Can you convey a local episode in history through poetry?

Visit: Wednesday Writings

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