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Hedon Town Council Election 2015 – Brenda Goldspink

LEAFLETS from candidates for the Hedon Town Council elections have been popping through doors. As part of our Blog coverage of the elections  we have reproduced those leaflets for residents who might have missed them and for historic record.

We start with BRENDA GOLDSPINK who seeks your vote on Thursday 7th May 2015. The polling station at Hedon Methodist Church will be open from 7am – 10pm. You may cast up to 12 votes for the Hedon Town Council elections.

Brenda Goldspink Election

See a list of ALL CANDIDATES.

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  1. I find it odd that this councilor claims to have instigated the erection of the community notice board, this is certainly not the case, another councilor suggested a new notice board on the Town Hall this was thought not prudent as the building is listed, other positions where discussed even on the HSBC bank wall but after months the buildings owners wanted a rent to be paid, eventually the council came upon the idea of a notice board outside Couplands, but removable when the Xmas tree is erected. Its a shame when someone tries to take credit when credit is not due.

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