Election 2015

Election mania in Market Place!

Election mania collageAN outbreak of election mania hit Hedon Town centre this morning (Wed 22 April) as three parties (Conservative, Labour and UKIP), six county election candidates (seven if we count one visiting candidate standing in another ward) and one Prospective (see comments) Parliamentary Candidate – and all their campaign supporters visited the Market Place.

At one point there seemed to be more election campaigners than shoppers and members of the public, but it was good to see the parties trying to win over our hearts and minds.

There was a slight downside to the otherwise buoyant campaigning atmosphere and that was when Labour’s Brian Stockdale took a dizzy turn and stumbled to the floor. But it was heartening to see his comrades and members of other parties rush to help. Fortunately, Brian was OK and toddled off for a refreshing cup of tea with one of his party opponents.

This is not the first time that campaigners have been called upon to offer assistance to people in distress.

Whilst Canvassing in Hedon Town Centre last year, UKIP members were told about an elderly man who had got locked inside the public Toilet on Watmough’s Arcade. After 20 minutes of trying to unlock the door using improvised tools, the fire brigade was called and the man in his 60’s was released. Upon leaving the loo he was gob-smacked to see it was rosette wearing UKIP members who had tried to help him – and the story goes that he immediately pledged his vote to the party!

So if not of that persuasion – beware getting locked in the loo; it turns you purple!

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  1. Christine Horner sent in this witty albeit cynical poem in response to Wednesday’s election frenzy in Hedon Market Place:


    If you go down the market today you’re sure of a big surprise
    If you go down the market today you’d better go in disguise
    For every politician that ever there was will gather there for certain
    Because today’s the day they’re out to badger the public!

    See them gaily gad about
    They love to play and shout
    They never have any cares like us!

    At two clock see them pack away, no more time for play
    Back to their luxury homes, not to be seen again!
    Beneath the trees where nobody sees
    They’ll hide and seek as long as they please
    ‘Cause that’s the way the Politicians treat the public

    If you go down to the market today you better not go alone
    It’s lovely down the market today but safer to stay at home
    For every politician that ever there was will gather there for certain
    Because today’s the day they’re out to badger the public!

  2. It was great to see so much energy around the run up to the election. Lots of candidates out on the streets in Hedon although I was the only Parliamentary (no longer prospective now my nomination is in – I’m the real deal, Ray!) My view is that if you want people to vote for you, you have to go out and give them a reason why they should. I’ve been on the doorsteps of the constituency since last summer and I’m only sorry I can’t possibly reach everybody personally. This election is definitely one to watch.

  3. People are really engaging in the election now its only 2 weeks to go. (Though I think its been too long a campaign already ) and we certainly got a good response from those we talked to.

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