Election 2015

Mike Bryan – Conservative Party Candidate, South West Holderness Ward 2015

Elections 2015 graphicEvery candidate standing for the East Riding of Yorkshire Council is offered space (up to 500 words) to outline their manifesto, pledges, opinions and stance. Candidates should send statements and a photo to hedonblog@gmx.com (changes and updates to the published statements can be made via the same e-mail – Ray Duffill, Editor). Polling day is Thursday 7th May 2015 from 7am – 10pm.

Mike Bryan is a Conservative Party Candidate for South West Holderness in the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Election 2015.

Hi my Name is Mike Bryan.

IMG_0759My reasons for promoting our area come from a very personal history with our town. I was born in Hedon, I’ve lived here most of my life; former Mayor, Town Councillor for over 20 years, Local Businessman, husband and father. I have seen so many changes over the years, both good and bad.

My role is about representing the area on local issues and not national (we invite our MP Graham Stuart MP to Saturdays street surgery for the residents to put their concerns to him on national issues). My concern is what I can do for Holderness.

Despite budgetary constraints I am active in knocking on doors and networking. I don’t always publish what I am successful with, as some projects are private and my reward comes from seeing the smiles from local residents. However, many hours are spent in the background in preparation, putting residents’ concerns forward and challenging people when they say ‘no’ and then starting again from another angle.

I was elected as Ward Member to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council ( ERYC) in 2011.  From the start it became apparent what a major commitment it was, attending meetings at County Hall three to four times a week! However, I relish the challenge and hope residents see the difference I have made. Now four years later, my network in the council is strong and I know better what we can achieve and how to achieve it. When ERYC was voted 2nd best council in the UK I knew in part it might be due to the dedication of Cllr Dennis, and many others with whom I play a part. I would welcome the addition of Sue Steel as our new councillor with her expertise.

I need to continue to work for Hedon Town Council, Paull, Preston and Thorngumbald Parish Councils and build on the good things that have been established there.

WARD-WORK: is a large part of my job description. I have resolved numerous issues for residents who have tried but failed to make progress through normal channels.

PLANNING: I sit on a number of committees including the Eastern Area Planning Committee.

YORKSHIRE WATER: I am the ERYC lead for the Y.W.
Community Forum, where the Saltend problems are discussed and resolved.  Recently a series of measures have been implemented to ensure everyone has a better quality of life.

DEFIBRILLATORS: Are being installed around the ward due to my efforts.

So please, help me. Give me your vote and I will continue to help you with your concerns and Issues. Please don’t hestitate to contact me on 01482 898 542.

Mike Bryan is currently working on several concerns:

  • Concerns with Yorkshire Water for zero smells
  • Parking in Hedon (to be completed early summer)
  • Funding for a new classroom in Paull (in discussion)
  • Zebra Crossing in Main Street Preston (in discussion)
  • Hedge for new cycle foot path Thorngumbald to Hedon
  • A proposed new shop in Thorngumbald
  • The dismantling of the wall in Magdalen gate Hedon

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