Transformers at Kingstown, Hedon! Wonderful Surprise Day for James

Optimus PrimeKINGSTOWN HOTEL welcomed the Transformers to its Car Park yesterday – Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Barricade joined over 60 other super cars in the car park – and it was all part of a Surprise Day to surprise one very poorly 9-year-old East Hull boy.

James Preston and his family got the devastating news 10 months ago that his suspected hay fever was in fact Cancer. James was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. “James has always been very active and sporty and likes his football, but he’s had to put all that on hold while he undergoes treatment,” said his mum Tina, “and that treatment could take another two years.”

Well, yesterday thanks to the efforts of charity organiser Dave Freer and his Nice 2 b Nice charity, it was a time to forget cancer and for James to enjoy a wonderful surprise!

The Transformer vehicles picked up James at the Hollywood Bowl in Hull and transported him to the Kingstown Hotel in Hedon for 11.30am yesterday morning (19th April 2015).

James was met by the University of Hull Sharkettes cheerleading group who performed a routine for him before posing for photographs from the waiting media organisations.
James and the Sharkettes

Indeed James became a real celebrity for the day with a hoard of photographers following him around as he visited some of the over 60 super cars that had turned up from a number of clubs and individual car owners to join in with the surprise and excite James’ love of cars.

At 12:00 noon there was another surprise…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After the aeroplane flyby, James had a thoroughly enjoyable time in Hedon, sitting behind as many wheels of the superb cars in attendance as he could – and even revving many of them up! Jame’s brother Reece, his Dad Phil and Mum Tina were there, all of them delighted at the event and overwhelmed at the support shown for James. “It shows that people feel for me,” said James “but it’s a bit scary!” he exclaimed with a big smile on his face as he looked around at the 200 or so people who had turned up to surprise him!
The Preston Family

Finally, after nearly an hour meeting the press, new friends, honking horns and revving up engines, James was whisked away to continue the rest of his surprise day organised by Nice 2 b Nice. This was no ordinary journey, however – as the video shows – but a massive convoy of the spectacular vehicles that had amassed at the Kingstown

Find out more about yesterday’s surprise for James at Nice 2 b Nice at their Facebook Page (it will include the lists – the long list – of those to say ‘thank you’ to, of those that made the surprise day happen).



David Freer, who lived in Hedon for 30 years, is approaching the first anniversary of setting up the ‘Nice 2 b Nice’ charity, and all credit must be given to him for inspiring the show of support for James from a host of organisations and individuals that united for the day with the sole purpose of bringing a smile to the face of one little boy. Bravo Dave!

Smiling James Preston and

Smiling James Preston and “Thanks” to David Freer and those who he inspired to make James’ surprise day happen!

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