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Hedon Penny Throwing THURSDAY 28th MAY 2015

Penny throwing 2014

Penny throwing 2014

PENNIES will be raining down from high in Hedon on Thursday 28th May 2015 when the new Town Mayor makes his or her first public appearance and dutifully throws the Mayoral pennies to local children who scramble along the street collecting as many as they can!

The Hedon Penny Throwing event is one of the most peculiar events in Hedon’s civic calendar. Steeped in history, it is a parody of the days when Hedon was a “rotten borough” with people being offered money to vote for a particular Mayoral candidate in elections.

Following their appointment the incumbent Mayor would pay-off his supporters. Today the event is a real family fun occasion with children being thrown pennies by the new Mayor and the town’s civic leaders and their guests.

Children should get to Hedon Town Hall for 6:45pm.

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  1. Reading your blog I came across the Penny Throwing event which brought back many memories of the annual event on Mayor making evening. Everyone scrambling about for pennies [copper] then getting a bag of chips with the proceeds to take home. I was born and bred in Hedon and still find news and events very interesting. Jenny Heron now in North Yorkshire


  2. It’s really pleasing and reassuring that so many Hedon residents and their children still support and enjoy this unique event. I hope once again that there’s a major turnout for the new (669th) Mayor on 28th.May

    Long may Hedon’s ancient traditions continue!!

    John P Dennis, 668th Mayor of Hedon


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