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Hedon Town Council elections – Thursday 7th May 2015

SEE: Hedon Town Council Election Results MAY 2015
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THIRTEEN candidates are standing for the twelve seats on Hedon Town Council. This means that whatever the outcome of the election on the 7th May, the Labour Party will have at least two of its candidates elected.

As candidates publish or circulate leaflets specifically for the Town Council elections we will republish them under each name (click poster/leaflet for larger version). Candidates can opt to email their leaflets direct to us at

Those standing are:

Candidates Party
Colin Billany Independent
Neil Black Labour Party
Mike Bryan  
John DennisJohn Dennis Statement front  
Steve Gallant Labour Party
Brenda GoldspinkBrenda Goldspink Election  
Allen Marshall  
Sarah RommellSarah Rommell front Independent
Brian Stockdale Labour Party
Diane StorrDi Storr Election  
David ThompsonDavid Thompson Election  
Gordon ThurstonGordon Thurston HTC  
Terry WestTerry West Hedon Town Council UK Independence Party (UKIP)

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  1. still waiting for the Hedon town council to publish councilors attendance figures since the last election, it would be interesting to see who bothers to attend before we vote ??

  2. I asked the council with John Dennis in the chair at a public meeting late 2014, if they would publish the attendance figures for Hedon Town Councillors at council meetings since the last elections, I was assured by John and the Town clerk that this would be done before the election.
    I may have missed it on their website.
    However we are two weeks away from the election, it would be interesting to see the figures, as in the past some councilors attendance figures were appalling.

    • As of Sunday the 26th of April 2015 the latest entry of Hedon Town Council meetings on their web site was for the period March 2012 to Feb 2013, somewhat not up to date apparently,and yes Jim, the attendance figures for some councillors was not very good.
      As you say, with an election not far away, a set of up to date figures should be published.
      These could be placed on the Council notice boards, and also published on the Council web site.
      The same figures could be also be posted on this, and HU12 web site.

  3. All very creditable Terry, and I fully agree that you have become a valuable and hard working member of the council since you came aboard last year, however I think many people would like to know why have you felt the need to bring party politics to the Hedon Town Council. You have proved to everyone that you would have done just as good a job without the logo.

    Of course many members have their own political leanings, me included, but they have not played any part in the Council’s decision making process over all the time I’ve been a member. I like to think that in most matters we work well together as a group, and, on the whole we get things done.

    What part, in all seriousness will party politics play when we are discussing dog-poo and waste bins and other such scintillating issues?

    Of course now other candidates are seeking to fly their own party colours from the town hall flagpole, and if we’re not careful we’ll finish up like Beverley or Hessle, which are both bogged down by politics, with local issues being decided along party lines, which I think would be a great pity. It would be to the detriment of the town of Hedon and the residents we are elected to serve

    I hope we’re not at the top of a slippery slope.

    Don’t worry though Terry, I’ll still buy you a beer!

    John Dennis
    668th Mayor of Hedon

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