Election 2015

NEW: Quiz the Election Candidates service #hatc15

Ask the candidate HoldernessWE have made it easier for people to quiz their election candidates for the Parliamentary and local elections.

If you have a question that you would like to put to the candidates, use our new Holderness Ask the Candidates! #hatc15 service. We will collect your questions from now until Friday 24th April and put the popular and interesting ones directly to the candidates for a response.

The #hatc15 will be available on Facebook too for the purposes of gathering questions to be put to the candidates.

Using this service you can opt to quiz candidates standing for the:

  • Beverley and Holderness Parliamentary Constituency for the General Election
  • the East Riding of Yorkshire Council for the South West Holderness Ward Elections
  • Hedon Town Council elections (note the service will also be made available via HU12 Online for Paull, Preston and Thorngumbald parishes).

Questions put to the candidates will be put out on Twitter too using the hashtag #hatc15

Please submit your general interest question to the candidates – by 12 noon Friday 24th April. Those questions asked most frequently will certainly be put to the candidates. Of course it is up to the candidates whether they wish to respond to questions, but we will make any responses the subject of an article on the Hedon Blog/HU12 Online.

Note: You can opt to give us your phone number if you would be interested in asking your question to the candidates at any public hustings arranged (i.e. we can pass this on to the organisers of the Parliamentary Hustings to be held in Hedon on Thursday 30th April for example). Note – we will never publish your telephone number.


Question snip

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