Wednesday Writings

Wednesday Writings – PUP TROUBLE

PUP TROUBLE by J. R. Uney.

The little man sat in his study,
holding his head in his hands,
things had happened that morning,
that had been and scuppered his plans.

One could see that he was upset like,
as his eyes were transfixed on the floor,
they were exceedingly red round the pupils,
and he’d kicked a big hole in the door.

Much later I called again to see him,
to find him still greatly tormented,
his face was ghastly and chalk like,
in fact, he was very badly fragmented.

So I made him a drink in the meantime,
with him sobbing bitterly between sups,
he said, “I’ve been desperately trying since daybreak,
to see if I can get rid of some PUPS.”

I told him ,“I know of a chap, lives at Hedon,
I’m sure he will give them a good home,
you’ll be able to see them quite often,
and maybe take em a bone”.

This caused the little chap to lose it,
I didn’t know what to think,
it appeared he’d downloaded some freeware,
and his computer was now on the blink.

Potentially Unwanted Programmes,
they really are a bind,
give thanks for removers,
you really are so kind.

So the next time you download some free-stuff,
please, remember the helpful saying of old,
be really, really careful,
cos everything that glistens is not gold.

This witticism from Jim Uney should certainly inspire people to put pen to paper – have you had experience of acronym anguish that would make people smile or nod in agreement? Then write it now and become one of our Wednesday Writers!

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