Wednesday Writings

Wednesday Writings – Untitled but ‘Sweet Justice’ perhaps?

This untitled piece – perhaps a modern-day parable – was written by Lorraine (Flo) Ellis who composed it as a challenge to respond to her friend Sue Large who provided the first line.

“…and in that small room we all agreed, actually it was easier than I imagined.”

When we returned Judge Taunton looked on solemnly.

“Has the jury reached their verdict,”
“We have your Honour.”
“And it’s one you all agree to.”
“It is your Honour.”
“Please Jury, state your verdict.”

I waited for the shouts and jeers in the court room but apart from the sighs of an old ragged lady sitting at the front my ears were met with silence.

“Mabel Anne Spencer will you please rise.”

The old woman shuffled to her feet her hands clutching a tatty carrier bag which contained all her belongings

Judge Taunton gave her a grave stare.

“Mabel Anne Spencer as this is not by far your first case of shoplifting I have little choice but to sentence you to six months in prison.”

The judge signalled to the policeman,

“take her down,” he said.

Mabel could hardly contain her excitement as she was led out of the court room, six whole months she muttered to herself, six months of warm food and warm beds.

She passed the bench were the jury was sitting turned and faced me and I happily returned her grateful smile.

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