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New community newspaper for Hedon and District

WE’RE going into print with the launch of a community newspaper!

South West Holderness Herald banner v2

Early conceptual impression of how the newspaper masthead might look

A new free monthly community newspaper is going to be published to provide ‘What’s On’ information to the South West Holderness area (Hedon, Paull, Preston, Thorngumbald including Camerton and Ryehill).

HU12 Online – which also publishes the Hedon Blog – will be ensuring that the new 12 / 16-page tabloid sized newspaper is delivered through the doors of residents in communities in the target parishes. The free newspaper will be concentrating on What’s On? listings in the local area and bringing you associated community information and news.

Community newspapers

The move into print has been inspired by other hyperlocal publishers who have done the same

Listings of events, activities and entertainment provided by local churches, village and community buildings, public houses and other venues will be the mainstay of the new publication with essential previews and reviews being featured. It will also look at the work of the people and groups involved behind the scenes in organising events and particularly aim to promote opportunities for volunteering within our communities.

HU12 Online’s byline is ‘better informed, engaged, active local communities’ – by publishing the newspaper and letting more people know what’s happening in the ward district, it is intended that the numbers of those attending events will grow, more supporters and volunteers are recruited, audiences are built, and more people benefit from the services provided in the area.

Whether it’s increasing the number of people who turn up to watch an entertainer in a local pub, building up the numbers turning out to watch a local team play football on a Sunday, or helping to recruit volunteers with a local group; the outcomes envisaged by the new newspaper are to help build community spirit, and to support and strengthen the infrastructure for community activity in the local area.

Note: The community newspaper will not be an Ad Mag (advertising magazine). Although it will carry some advertising and be a useful media for local businesses, it is not intended to compete with the Holderness Heartbeat which carries out that function perfectly well. Neither will it offer the kind of analysis and news coverage that can only be provided by the professional team at the Holderness Gazette, the aim of the new publication is to support provision of – and the providers of – local news.

The unique focus of the new publication, will be collecting What’s On? information and events and fixture listings from local communities and presenting that back to local residents in an enjoyable, easy-to-read format. We already collect some of that information for the websites – but we do need much more.

Hedon, Paull, Preston and Thorngumbald – Send us information on your:

  • Team fixtures
  • Events listings
  • Entertainment previews
  • Church services
  • Meetings
  • Activities and events for children and young people
  • Pop-ins, coffee mornings
  • Bingo and Farmyard Bingo sessions
  • Appeals for volunteers
  • Fundraising campaigns and events
  • Special events – Galas, Scarecrows, Fun Days, Charity Events, Festivals


If you already send us your information, then use the normal method for doing so. Otherwise send us it to

Visit: Newsroom (Contacts)


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