Election 2015

Green Party candidate in Parliamentary election race

Green Party logoA GREEN PARTY candidate has declared an intention to challenge for the Beverley and Holderness seat in Parliament currently occupied by the Conservative Graham Stuart.

The Green Party candidate is Richard Howarth. On the Yorkshire and Humber Green Party website page he says:

Richard Howarth Green PartyI believe the privatisation of public services represents a scandalous transfer of public funds into private, privileged hands, and should be reversed.

I believe this government’s austerity policies scapegoat and target the most vulnerable in our society for mistakes made in the financial sector. I believe this to be wrong, and as one of the richest countries in the world, unnecessary.

Instead, we should value and properly invest in our public services, including the NHS, especially at this time of crisis.

I’ve since had a varied CV that includes working for various social enterprises and as a biodiesel engineer. My last job was Assistant Accountant at Oxfam.

On energy, we should be tackling fuel poverty by insulating homes to reduce demand, whilst investing in renewables. I’ve done this with my own home “Inglehome” in Hull (inglehome.co.uk) to where I moved 2 years ago.

Most of the fossil fuels we know about need to stay in the ground, so going to increasingly extreme and risky lengths to exploit new resources of these outdated and filthy fuels is, I think, unjustifiable.

The other candidates declared are:

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