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Hedon Council Meeting – What’s up for discussion?

SINCE the last Hedon Town Council meeting, the Hedon Blog has attempted to bring you the news of the debates and issues being discussed by that body. Our news coverage of the council (and the East Riding council) can be accessed by clicking COUNCIL NEWS in the menu at the top of the page.

That process starts again on Thursday 26th February 2015 when the town council meets once again at the town hall at 7:15pm, with meetings of the Planning Committee, the Finance and General Purposes Committee and full council meeting (which usually formally approves the decisions taken at the various council committees).

Amongst the issues to be discussed are a report from Humberside Police on local crime, an item about the Draper’s Lane Football Field, discussion on the Old Railway Station sidings and on publishing the attendance figures for individual town councillors.

Meetings are open to the public to attend and observe the proceedings – although public participation is limited to only those that are coming to speak for or against a particular planning application. One issue on the agenda will be discussed ‘in camera’ which means the public and press are excluded because of the nature of the business under discussion (usually because of personnel, financial or contractual considerations).

Hedon Town Hall - built in  1692 - Council meets in the Chamber through the doors and up the stairs. Just walk in!

Interested in attending? The meeting takes place in the Hedon Town Hall, go through the main door and up the stairs to the council chamber for 7:15pm on Thursday 26th February 2015.

Note: Is the Hedon Town Hall inaccessible to you? You might be interested in our coverage of the proposal of a bespoke stairlift for the town hall. Please leave a comment on that issue below that article.

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  1. Perhaps it will be the discussion of the sacking of the person whose idea it was to ruin the area outside the haven arms with the ugly fence. The fence ruins the feel of the area, it looks unfinished with a scaffold bar as a gate. It is a waste of money and makes parking a problem. The council should be helping small business not causing them problems. The money could have been better spent. If the council has that much money to waste on projects that are not wanted or need perhaps they could consider reducing council tax local contributions rather than just demanding more and wasting it.

  2. it will be interesting to see which agenda item will be in camera, will it be the attendance figures of councillors I wonder ?

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