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Dog fouling: More bag dispensers for Hedon – Preston idea for joint action

Poop scoop dispenserTHREE more dog bag dispensers are to are to be located in Hedon following the perceived success of a similar fouling-reduction measure on Love Lane.

The new dispensers are to be “strategically placed at locations across the town” said Councillor David Thompson at last week’s Hedon Town Council meeting. Those locations are expected to include the Gannock (land to the rear of Haven Garth – Constable Garth) on Inmans, and Far Bank on Drapers Lane, both popular dog-walking areas.


This will also be of interest to local residents concerned about dog fouling (from HU12 Online 10th Feb 2015):

PRESTON Parish Council is to take the first steps in what could be a locally coordinated stance against those that allow their dogs to foul in public places and then fail to clear up behind them.

No dog fouling signDog mess in the streets is an issue that certainly causes annoyance, and is probably the major issue guaranteed to appear on any list of common complaints received by local parish and town councils. But following the issue being raised during the public participation session at the last Preston Parish Council meeting, Councillor Mandy Masters mooted the idea of local parish councils – perhaps Paull, Preston and Bilton (and here we would add Thorngumbald Parish and Hedon Town councils – Editor) – joining forces to tackle the issue.

The suggestion is sure to receive a positive response from other local councils and at the very least could lead to a sharing of knowledge and experience on the issue of tackling dog fouling.

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council has said that it is willing to work much more closely with parish councils and enter into a ‘dog control partnership’ to help raise awareness of how to report offenders to the dog wardens and help reduce the amount of dog fouling in their area.

Councillor Michelle Alford, the Preston Parish Council Chair, is to contact the East Riding Council for further advice on progressing this issue.

By working together local councils should be able to achieve much more than on their own. Pooling of resources, bulk-buying materials when necessary, joint publicity campaigns, coordinating campaign days and/or weeks of actions within the district, should all be possible through such joint work.

Dog warden leaflet

Click image to download leaflet (PDF)

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  1. The worst place I have seen is along the drain side on drapers lane, it’s disgusting every foot there is a pile, I feel sorry for the pensioners whose back gardens look onto it. I walk 7 dogs down there and find myself picking up after other peoples as well as my own. A couple of bins might be nice down there, I hold onto the bags until I reach the 1st bin which is at the skate park. Don’t know if the lack of bins puts people off (still no excuse) but it could make a massive difference.

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