Wednesday Writings

Wednesday Writings – A Bell Ringers` Lament

A Bell Ringers` Lament – by David Thompson

In quintessential Englishness,
The grand old King of Holderness,
Eight bells that ring from treble down
To tenor, clear across the town,
It took my fancy so to start,
Apprenticed to this practised art,
And so to practice night I went,
I thought it Monday nights well spent,
I took my turn to ring in rounds,
And made the most atrocious sounds,
For timing is the art you see,
It seemed a bit too quick for me,
I came in early, came in late,
And got myself in quite a state,
But to the challenge did I rise,
And in due course to my surprise,
Did manage to control the bell,
And got my timing right as well,
In one way, I admit defeat,
It never failed to get me beat,
My knees went weak, I gasped for air,
In climbing up that tower stair.

David describes his poem A Bell Ringers` Lament as an alternative to his original The Hedon Bells (which incidentally was our very-first ever Wednesday Writing on the Hedon Blog almost three years ago in March 2012).

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