Welly Walk to Hedon to highlight urgent Paull school appeal!

THIS has been reproduced from HU12 Online because of the urgency of the funding pledge appeal:
Tiger crossing Bill

MOTORISTS along Paull Road were stopped by a tiger on Saturday morning! Sporting a Rod Stewart wig and a Hull City scarf the feline was definitely more Tigger than Shere Khantiger crossing and actually was the onesie worn by Paull parish Councillor William Failey as part of his duty to ensure a visible and safe crossing area for the dozens of Welly Walkers making their way across the road from Paull village towards Hedon.

The crossing of the Paull Road – not a busy road at 10:30am on a Saturday morning – was actually just one of the minor hurdles faced by the Welly Walkers during their sponsored walk to raise money for Paull Primary School. The major problem was the mud – ‘Welly Walk’ was certainly the appropriate name for this particular event – which after bad weather over the previous few days was particularly squelchy and slippery. However, rather than put people off, it did seem to create lots of fun and adventure for most of the children (and their parents) making their way through it! Some parents had brought buggies with smaller children in them, other parents, grandparents and supporters had brought dogs to walk the route; it all made for a very family-orientated and social atmosphere as the walk snaked its way across the countryside.

Welly walking Paull Primary School

Some of the Welly Walking children – before they set off on their muddy adventure with tiger Cllr. Failey and Headteacher Mr Rowe

The Welly Walk had been organised as part of the village community efforts to obtain a new permanent classroom for Paull Primary School. The school urgently needs a new permanent classroom and is currently having to use its main hall to substitute as one. The East Riding of Yorkshire Council has provisionally agreed that up to £120,000 can be spent on erecting a mobile classroom in the school playground, but preferable is constructing a permanent brick classroom for an additional £40,000. However, time is short – in order to satisfy the budget requirements of East Riding Council, the school needs to prove by the end of this week that it is able to raise the additional amount of funding. In response the local community has rallied around in efforts to show its support for the school and the new classroom and to get pledges of donations.

Just some of the Welly Walkers

Just some of the Welly Walkers

The Welly Walk, following the trail along Paull bank and the Hedon Haven to the Haven Arms in Hedon – and then back to Paull again – was actually just one component of the walk; another smaller group of parents and children completed a shorter route to the St Andrew’s Church in Paull.

A delighted Mr Rowe discovers the appeal has benefited from a £10,000 pledge from the Paull parish Council

A delighted Mr Rowe discovers the appeal has benefited from a £10,000 pledge from the Paull Parish Council

Up to 100 parents and children took part in the two walks and Headmaster Mr Paul Rowe, who was taking part in the walk himself with his two dogs, was clearly delighted with the turnout. “The support today is amazing,” he said staring around at the number of people who had turned up to support the event and shook his head in almost disbelief. His admiration at that support only increased moments later when clerk to the Paull Parish Council Dianne Davies told him: “The Parish Council at its meeting on Thursday agreed to support the school through funds it has available up to £10,000.” And there was more good news when chairman of the Parish Council and School Governors Mr Graham Shaw revealed that another £1,000 had been pledged by chemicals industry company Nippon Gohsei to the funding appeal. “It’s marvellous news from the Saltend based firm and I hope it might also be a spur to other large companies in that industrial belt to support this local community funding appeal too,” he said.

Following the walks a barbecue fundraising event was held in the Crown Inn.

Paull Parish Council has issued the following statement which sums up the fundraising appeal:

Paull Primary School: Venue - Paull Parish Council meetings

“As we enter the deadline period towards Friday 13th February 2015… The village primary school in Paull East Yorkshire is experiencing an increase in numbers, partly due to its spreading reputation for excellence and its successful Early Years teaching. This has led to the need for extra teaching space: at present the 19 children in Class 3 (years 5 and 6, which is the 9 to 11 year olds) are having to be taught in the main hall as the classroom which was previously used cannot accommodate that many children. This is far from ideal as the hall is also used for PE by all classes, Assemblies and of course school meals, with the inevitable disruption to Class 3’s learning.

“Members of the Education Authority have visited the school, to assess the situation and have agreed that a new classroom is needed, The school has been allocated £120,000 by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) towards the cost of a new classroom (Porta Cabin type). There may or may not be more money made available by central government (Graham Stuart, our MP, is already on the case) but at present there is an expected shortfall of somewhere in the region of £40,000, which the school is having to raise if it wishes to have a permanent, brick-built classroom which should serve the community for the foreseeable future.

“At present ERYC are asking for assurance that this money can in fact be raised, so the school are asking for pledges of money, not actual cash at this moment in time – if the total sum is not going to be reached then the pledges will be null and void and no money will change hands. A programme of fundraising is already well under way and a total of over £3,000 has already been pledged or raised in just over a week, but without substantial pledges of money £40,000 is a formidable target.”

Contact Paul Primary School today and make a pledge… Everyone is working hard to raise these funds.

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