Historic photos. Horsewell Pond – it really was a horse well!

Horsewell and Harold Rudd

William Harold Rudd at the Horsewell 1926

THESE photographs provided by Janet Smith show the Horsewell Pond in its former role as a horse well for drinking and washing horses – and cows as well it seems!

These photos will certainly be of nostalgic interest to some of our older readers and of course historic interest for all of us. Thank you  for sharing, Janet!

cows and horsewell

boy on cow Horsewell

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  1. Harold Rudd was my grandfather too and this photo was proudly displayed in his home when I grew up. So cool to see this come up as my son searched Google for his name.

  2. That’s my grandad! He was 17 then, and spent his post-war years running a poultry business from the backyard of 17 New Road (now an address close to the council) until his retirement. He was the secretary of the Hedon British Legion for 30-odd years and a patron of the cricket club too until his death in 1983. His best friend was Charlie Smith, who lived to the age of 101 and has the commemorative bench outside the cricket club in his name.

  3. Fantastic proof of the historic use of the Horsewell Pond. It certainly had more variety of use than Hull’s “Oss Wash”.lol. Whilst researching my family history I often come across documents which mention a Horsepool, for instance a rental agreement made in the 17th century for one messuage of land in another part of England was that sheep would be allowed to wash once a year in the horsepool. .

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