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Hedon Market: Resident traders to outline their case

Gary Mike and John

Cllrs. Mike Bryan and John Dennis spoke to Gary Robinson yesterday whilst making their case for those receiving penalty notices last Wednesday to appeal

LOCAL Traders and businesses located around the Market Place area are to outline their case about what they see as the competitive nature of the Wednesday town centre market and the traffic and parking problems it brings.

Acting on behalf of several of the local traders Gary Robinson of Hedon Green Print said that the underlying problems faced by the local traders needed to be brought to the attention of the council.

“We intend to write to the council as a group of local businesses outlining our concerns about the market and the problems it brings. 

“Contrary to popular belief the market offers no help to the local traders, indeed most local traders takings suffer dramatically on a market day. The market takes up customer parking within the centre and most of the stalls on the market are duplicates of the local shops.

“I am not against the market, indeed Hedon is a market town and as such should always have a market in place, however I feel that the location of the market should be examined to see if a more adequate location could be found, perhaps for instance at Market Hill.”

Mr Robinson spoke to local ward and town Councillor John Dennis last week after customers’ cars seemed to be targeted by a traffic warden after parking in spaces in Market Place vacated by market traders who had left early. And while the local councillor along with his colleague Councillor Mike Bryan have acted sympathetically to the plight of those ticketed on the day, the issue has prompted the latest action by the local traders.

“The issues raised concerning the market, parking and enforcement will all be taken back for Hedon Town Council to consider,” said Cllr. Dennis “we (Hedon Town Council) will also be looking at renegotiating the lease to operate the market very soon, and we will be mindful of these issues when that takes place.”

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  1. It seems to me that you are keen to move the market or maybe get rid of it altogether. Just remember that when no one comes into Hedon on a Wednesday anymore!!
    The parking situation should have been resolved years ago, this is the fault of the council , not the market traders .

    • Julie – I think you have made a really valuable and useful contribution to the discussion on the traffic issue with your comments on the 29th January and I know that it has been noted by local councillors and I will ensure it’s conveyed to them too.

      I don’t think many people are actually ‘anti-market’ (albeit there’s obviously the issue of competition with resident traders); for visitors to the town it’s an attraction and many do opt to come on a wednesday because it’s market day.

      I think some of the issues around the market place can be resolved – and actually part of the vision-making process for the future of the town needs to explore how it gets the full potential out of its market offering benefiting both residents and visitors.

      I felt I had to come on here and make this comment because I sensed the frustration expressed by your comment above – please don’t get dis-spirited; you’re part of the solution here!

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