What local issues will you be voting on in the General Election?

THE BIG national issues of the NHS, the economy (and austerity!) and immigration are likely to be the main issues that drive us to vote in the general and local election on Thursday 7th May 2015.

Parking collage

Is parking a big issue in the town? Would you agree with the statement: “Woe betide any candidate who doesn’t mention this at the election!”

But what are the very local issues that concern you? What do you want local candidates to address in the town, county and Parliamentary elections?

We could organise a poll – and may do – and ask people to prioritise from issues such as:

  • Parking and traffic
  • Dog fouling (keeping Hedon clean)
  • Housing (lack of, over-development, etc)
  • The local environment and protecting the green belt
  • Crime and policing
  • Keeping the town clean
  • Pollution and odours
  • Facilities for young people
  • local health and social care

… but we want to hear from you about the issues that you feel are important in Hedon. What should we ensure are points of debate in the forthcoming elections? What are the questions that the Hedon Blog needs to put to candidates?

If you were to list the three top priorities in the town that must feature in any election debate – what would they be?

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  1. Fracking is a big issue for East Yorkshire, I don’t think many people know the implications of EYRC letting Rathlin Energy explore for oil. Rathlin say they are not going to frack but remember Yorkshire Water said Salt End wouldn’t smell.

    On a more local level; traffic on Hedon Road/Salt End, superfast internet, protecting the green belt and not letting Co-Op open any more stores in the area.

  2. There is widespread concern about the issue of ‘fracking’ and also the (almost) uncontrolled proliferation of wind turbines in inappropriate places and of inappropriate sizes! These might be national issues but there is no doubt of the substantial local impact.

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