Have your say! Town Council Public Meeting January 2015

Hedon Town Hall - built in  1692 - Council meets in the Chamber through the doors and up the stairs. Just walk in!

Hedon Town Hall – Council meets in the Chamber through the doors and up the stairs. Just walk in on the meeting night!

Hedon Town Council

Public Participation Meeting

7.00 pm

Thursday 22nd January 2015

At the Town Hall, Hedon



Anyone living within the Town of Hedon
who wishes to attend may raise any issue of interest
or concern with regard to matters in Hedon

J. M. Richardson (Mrs.)
Town Clerk

January 2015
Town Hall
East Yorkshire
HU12 8EX

Tel: 01482 898428

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  1. Indeed Ray. Fences seem to be sprouting in a variety of places locally. It would be interesting to find out why they seem to be a priority for the expenditure of public funds when these are at a premium. Many might assert greater needs elsewhere, particularly at the same time the media is reporting a higher precept being set for the next period. Doubtless a slice of this will be used to maintain fences.


  2. One of the information items at the council’s Finance & General Purposes meeting (after the public participation meeting has finished) is the new 5’10” fence being constructed on Ivy Lane playing fields. The boundary fence issue was quite controversial in summer last year.
    Boundary fence being installed at the playing fields on Ivy Lane.


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