Felling of the Bull Ring, Hedon 1985

JANET SMITH has sent us these photographs of the removal of the ‘bull ring’ from Market Hill in 1985. Janet tells us the background:

“It will be 30 years on Tuesday the 26th of February this year (2015) since the three huge 150 year old Elm trees (known locally as the Bull Ring) were felled due to Dutch Elm disease These photographs were taken by Dale Smith, hope everyone enjoys looking at them!”

Thank you very much, Janet. This gallery of photographs will be extremely popular with our readers! If readers have information on any of those in the photographs, then let us know!

Photo: Dale Smith

Photo: Dale Smith

Photo: Dale Smith

Photo: Dale Smith

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  1. I remembr watching the tree felling from the upstairs window of 10 market hill, across the road next to the school. My parents had the farm before it became the new surgery. Wonderful memories. Love to see the old photos

  2. The tree-fellers cut the trunks up into one inch thick discs and gave them to any children who wanted one. My daughter (aged about 11 back then) brought one home, and it’s still in my garage. Shows how much junk there is in there !

    • The reason it was called Bull Ring goes back to the days when a metal rail (resembling a ring ) encircled the elm trees and was used to secure livestock on market days in the 19th century. Dale has a photo.

  3. This might be a stupid question (!) but was this where the bear baiting etc went on? I know there was a cockpit and baiting ring in the centre – were they on Market Hill or Market Place? I recall an iron ring in Market Place which may have something to do with it. Fab photos, thanks for posting!

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