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Hedon Town Council budget meeting

Precept Hedon Town CouncilTHE PRECEPT for 2015/16 will be discussed by Hedon Town Council on Thursday 15th January 2015 at the Hedon Town Hall at 7:15pm.

The precept is the component part of council tax collected by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) that goes towards very local services provided by your Town Council. This amount appears on your council tax bill.

Last year the local precept (East Riding of Yorkshire Council figures) for Hedon was set at £125,645.00 (actually £140,000 offset by grant support from government funding of around £15,000) at a cost levied of £58.88 per household per year for a Band D property.

The responsibilities of Hedon Town Council which require funding to carry out are listed on its website Hedon Town Council – Responsibilities, but in addition the council seeks to carry out additional projects which they would hope to fund; e.g. to help alleviate problems associated with vehicle parking, help to make council facilities more accessible (disabled friendly), planting additional trees and flowers, additional cleaning, snow clearing, etc.

In addition to the local Hedon precept each household is charged a levy towards policing set by the Police and Crime Commissioner and a levy towards the fire and rescue services set by Humberside Fire Authority.

Full Council Tax payable by Hedon households (Bands A – H) for 1st April 2014 to 31st March 2015:

Full ERYC Police Fire Hedon precept
A 1017.04 808.13 117.71 51.95 £39.25
B 1186.55  942.82  137.33  60.60  45.80
C 1356.06  1077.51  156.95  69.26  52.34
D 1525.57  1212.20 176.57  77.92  58.88
E 1864.59  1481.58  215.81  95.24  71.96
F 2203.61 1750.96  255.05  112.55  85.05
G 2542.61 2020.33  294.28  129.87  98.13
H 3051.14 2424.40  353.14  155.84  117.76

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  1. Aly

    I put the need for the extra gritter forward to the Council both last year and this year but I haven’t been supported on it unfortunately.


  2. I wouldn’t pay a little bit extra to get improved services, such as winter gritting on Leaf Sail Farm and even some trees planted on open spaces.


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