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The Town Hall Tree – the untold story

THE TREE inside the Hedon Town Hall was particularly special this year – although sadly it has probably not been seen by many residents, other than those that have had reason to visit the building.

Hedon Mayor Councillor John Dennis told the Hedon Blog:

Town Hall Christmas Tree 2014“It really was a magnificent specimen! Interestingly – it is a Hedon-grown tree, from an ordinary garden in the Westlands Estate, grown by a local resident.

“I got a call early in December from the owner, saying she had a tree growing next to her front door, but it was getting too large, and might I be interested in having it for the Town Hall. If not, it would be cut down and disposed of. Well, Jennifer and I decided we’d pop round and have a look, and were absolutely delighted when we saw it. It was beautiful, and a really big tree, maybe 12 to 14 feet tall, just the right size for the stairwell at the Town Hall.

“Without hesitation we accepted the kind offer, and within a few days we had Des (Des Suddaby, Works Supervisor for the Town Council) go and cut it down. It has occupied pride of place in the Town Hall over the run-up to Christmas Season, having been expertly decorated and lit by Jennifer, the Mayoress.

“The tree donor was Mrs Irene Wilson.

“Good Wishes from the Mayor and Mayoress for the New Year to all the residents of Hedon – with a particular ‘Thank You’ to Irene for her very lovely tree.”

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