Burglar Alert! Lock your doors, even if you are inside!

Is it open?

Is it locked?

RESIDENTS are reminded to keep their doors locked, even if they are inside their homes, following an incident in Souttergate, Hedon yesterday when a man tried to enter a house via the front door whilst the occupant was upstairs.

Fortunately, the man who tried to get into the house at 8.30am in the morning, was deterred from entering by the homeowner’s dog and he was later interviewed by police.

Burglars will test doors, and where they can get into a property undetected through an unlocked door, will do so and steal anything of value they find – the best advice is to keep your doors locked.

Police UK SNENTypical advice from the police, includes:

  • Remember to lock all your doors and windows, even if you are at home
  • Consider installing a burglar alarm and use it, even when you’re in bed
  • Leave a light on when you go out
  • Keep your valuables – especially keys – in a safe place away from doors and windows

And remember to ring the Police on 101 if you see anything suspicious.  Ring at the time – don’t delay! The police would rather turn up and interview a suspicious character and it turn out to be a false alarm – than miss stopping a crime in progress.

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