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Permission for Town Hall Defibrillator sought

Councillor Mike Bryan shows where the defibrillator will be located at the Town Hall

Councillor Mike Bryan shows where the defibrillator will be located on the side Town Hall

HEDON could soon have its own life-saving, public-access defibrillator machine installed onto the outside wall of the Town Hall.

defibrillatorThe planning application (submitted by Hedon Town Council) to install the machine has been a lengthy process because the machine has been earmarked for the historic listed building and planners are concerned that the character of the building does not suffer any negative impacts.

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council responsible for the planning process has invited people with comments and/or objections to the scheme to respond to the consultation process by Tuesday 2nd December 2014. Visit 14/02400/plb on

The defibrillator was bought by funds raised by the Helpful Hands Lifestyle Group with the support of Yorkshire Water and the Community Heartbeat Trust.

Once operational, the machine will be available to use in cases of emergency when people in the vicinity experience a cardiac arrest and stop breathing.

Progress report will be given at Thursday’s meeting (27th November, 7:15) of the Town Council

defibrillator demonstration

A defibrillator demonstration

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  1. The only reason the Council was discussing the defibrillator being placed on a black mount was because these were the requirements given to us by the conservation officer.The discussion involved many Councillors,including myself voicing our concerns about this requirement.I have since heard that it is going to be made more visible.There is no point in having life saving equipment that can’t be seen fast and used properly.

    • What Sarah Rommell says is correct.It needs to be seen. The idea of having a black defib came from the Conservation Officer, and was unanimously rejected by Members of the Council as a none-starter

      As I understand it, training sessions will be fixed up in due course.

      John P Dennis F.R.I.C.S.
      668th Mayor of Hedon

    • Absolutely agree – it could do more harm than good if not used correctly. Perhaps the council could contact St Johns Ambulance and see if they can help?

  2. I really don’t get Graham Stuart’s defribrillator crusade. How about the Tories stop cutting the Ambulance Service in this area before we only have heart attacks in Hedon Town Centre.

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