Hedon Christmas Party 1932

Christmas Party 1932THIS PHOTO from the collection held by Malc Ripley is believed to have been taken in the Alison Hall about 1932 and shows a group of local children at a Christmas Party. Father Christmas is sat in the centre and it looks as if he has been very busy giving out presents to the children!

Malc tells us that on the photograph are Ken Abblett, David Mitchell, Roy Rooney, Gladys Robson, Phyllis Adamson, Arthur Ripley, Kay Dossor and Len king. Do you recognise anyone else?

It would also be interesting to find out who had organised the party (was it a community organisation or a workplace?). And who was Father Christmas?

Note: Alison Hall was opened on 10th December 1931 and was named in honour of Mrs Alison Todd the then President of the local WI (Women’s Institute).

PS: We are a little bit behind in publishing those photos sent in by readers – hence this extra Ripley’s Reminiscence today!

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  1. Just to wish all who may enjoy(?) or even look forward to, the old photo’s of Hedon and their folk, a Very Happy Christmas and a Healthy & Peaceful New Year.

    Its now up to others to supply our hard working Editor Ray Duffill , with more pics etc. as mine have run out.
    So come on – get searching them out after the festive season, to share them with others, please!


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