Hedon women – Finalist in ITV’s ‘This Morning’ find a writing superstar competition!

Who is thisITV’s This Morning programme’s ‘Be a Best Seller’ competition was launched three weeks ago on November 4th 2014 to find the next potential writing star – and we can reveal today that a Hedon women has got through from thousands of entries to be one of the five finalists!

We know who the lady is and are completely delighted for her – but to find out who she is you will have to watch This Morning  tomorrow Wednesday 26th November 2014 when the identities of the finalists will be revealed!

A panel of judges including award-winning Irish novelist Marian Keyes, presenter and actress Caroline Quentin and agent and joint Chief Executive Officer of Curtis Brown Jonny Geller are aiming to discover a writing superstar in the making.

The judges will select up to five entrants, who will be invited to the live final on 27th November where two runners-up and a winner will be announced. The winning writer will win a place on one of the UK’s most successful writing courses (for six months) and representation by top Literary Agency Curtis Brown. Entries will be judged based on the selection criteria including without limitation:

  • The ability to tell a compelling story;
  • The use of memorable characters; and
  • The ability to produce distinctive writing with vividly created times and places,

 all of which should create a readable novel and hook a reader.  – This Morning 

To enter the contestants had to submit between 2,500 – 3,000 introductory words to their fictional novel. The Hedon finalist says that she started writing her current novel in May:

Who is this“It’s called Static. It’s about the discovery of a Bronze Age ritual relic by ditchcutters in the 18th century in a small market town called Ridgemarr, and the turmoil it brings to the inhabitants in 1796, 1987 and the present day…”

Our lady finalist has indicated that many of the themes in the book have been inspired by her living in Hedon and the local area!

Interested? Enthralled? … You’ll have to watch This Morning  tomorrow (Wed 26th November 2014) on ITV between 10.30am and 12.30pm to find out who our girl is!

The winning finalist will be announced on Thursday 27th November. And keep your fingers crossed!

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    • Thanks John and to everyone who has been so supportive and pleased for me. I don’t really talk about my writing but guess everyone knows now – so I can’t let the town down! Got to get it finished and ready for an agent…regular food and alcohol parcels will be greatly appreciated 🙂 x

  1. Lucy did not come first – but what an achievement to be in the top five out of over 4,000 entries – remember these entries were from people who have already started writing novels! We’ll inform you next if Lucy got one of the runner up prizes.

    The two runners up will each be invited to a face-to-face meeting with a literary agent in London.
    Lucy Brooke on This Morning

  2. Lucy Brooke HeadThose who watched This Morning this morning will have discovered that the Hedon finalist is… LUCY BROOKE… Congratulations Lucy!!

    Lucy will be well-known to local people as the Manager of family business Johnson’s of Hedon which celebrated 45 years in business this year – she is also a regular commenter on the Blog.

  3. Not to be pedantic but it’s not called Good Morning. It’s called This Morning. Good morning hasn’t been in for years. Just so people tune into the right show.

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