Barge on the Hedon Haven, 1952

Barge Hedon HavenRIPLEY’S REMINISCENCES returns today with a photograph of a barge on the Hedon Haven taken in 1952.

Another reminder of the role our waterways have played in the history of the town. The Hedon Haven was a watercourse linking to the Humber that once made Hedon one of the most important ports in the country. The last remnants of the ancient harbour were land-filled in 1974.

Malc Ripley is keen to share his old photos with residents via the Hedon Blog but remarked recently that the Blog actually gets scant feedback on this kind of item. So we would like to make an appeal to residents – Do you enjoy Ripley’s Reminiscences? What kind of pictures of old Hedon and district would you like to see more of?


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  1. Wonderful pictures keep me in the loop with Hedon and it’s history. Had a great childhood in Hedon and love to see these photos and comments from names that
    I once knew.


  2. I remember being allowed to have the afternoon off school – Ketwell – the day the barge was burned. It was filled with straw and set alight. The Fire Engine from Preston was there to make sure it did not get out of control. Keep the photo’s coming – lots of memories evoked!


  3. Thanks for all your interest and comments – appreciated a lot!
    I will try to fish out some more for you all, after I’ve decorated our bathroom, folks…………..
    Can any of you come up with any old photos of the ancient Town too?

    Regards, Malc.


  4. great picture, interesting info about the council setting fire to the barge, anyone know what the haven commissionaires do or have done in the last 10 plus years


  5. Any historical photographs of Hedon are of interest to me, Malc. Keep up the good work.
    Regards Helen Porter (nee House)


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