Election 2015

Meet your UKIP MEP Day in Hedon

UKIP October 2014 Hedon LeafletMIKE HOOKEM, Member of the European Parliament (MEP), elected for the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) in the European elections held in May 2014, will be available to meet constituents at a “Meet your MEP Day” to be held in the Alexandra Hall on Saturday 18th October 2014.

Also present will be the UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Beverley and Holderness Gary Shores along with candidates who will be standing for UKIP for the East Riding of Yorkshire Council elections.

The MEP’s surgery will take place from 10am – 11am but the day itself at Alexandra Hall is advertised to carry on until 4pm and there will be a number of charity stalls to browse.

Note: The General Election and the local elections are to be held on the same day next year on Thursday 7th May 2015.

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  1. Sounded like the whole thing was a bit of a shambles, apparently there was a fair bit of abuse coming from passing cars.
    I cannot imagine what this lot will be like if they ever get elected. Their mandate is based on immigration, is immigration really a problem in Holderness or even Hull?


    • The East Riding is 97% British white according to the last census… There is no “immigrant problem” here. And where was UKIP’s worst result in the European elections ? London ! where there is a multicultural community which embraces the benefit immigration brings.
      Funny how UKIP performs best in places like Clacton where people are poorer than the national average and are encouraged to believe immigrants are stealing their jobs, schoolplaces and houses. Its the politics of fear and simply not true. Lets face it, its closet racism.


      • Patronising, I think. Perhaps the people of Clacton who “are poorer than the national average” know their own minds (however unpalatable) rather than being encouraged to hold a particular viewpoint.


    • There is no denying British coastal towns are deprived areas and there is no denying that parties like UKIP target deprived areas spreading fear of immigration and blaming all this countries woes on immigration.
      You’d think places like Holderness thrive on the overseas workers that work in farming, up the road Goole is currently booming thanks to Eastern Europeans.

      I’ve lived in many multi cultural areas like Leeds and London, they are fantastic vibrant places, I never felt unsafe or felt like I couldn’t find work.


  2. I turned up at 2.00 pm – the MEP had been and gone and they were packing up, despite it being advertised as “meet your MEP day” 10.00 till 4.00pm. Not good enough UKIP!!!


  3. They must have left early. I couldn’t get to the meeting until around 2.30 and when I arrived the place was in darkness.


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