Humberside Police & Crime Commissioner – Your Views

IN 2012 the Humberside Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) was elected and replaced the Humberside Police Authority with the intention to give the public an increased voice in policing priorities and a greater ability to hold police forces to account.

As we head towards the 2nd Anniversary of that election in November 2014, we hope to discover the views and experience of Hedon Blog readers in a simple survey that will take you just a few minutes to complete.

The survey is part of a series of straw polls, surveys and articles the Hedon Blog intends to run aimed at raising awareness of some of the changes that are taking place in Humberside Police and the important ensuing debate – not least about the PCC role itself.

This particular survey aims to discover more about our readers’ experience of the Humberside Police & Crime Commissioner from a community point of view, and will accompany our general article on The Future of Policing in Humberside.

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