Hedon Street Poll – 88% say “NO” to fracking in the East Riding

Street ballot:  Mr Derek Gillett from Hedon casts his secret ballot. Pictured with Labour's Steve Gallant and General Election candidate Margaret Pinder.

Street ballot: Mr Derek Gillett from Hedon casts his secret vote. Pictured with Labour’s Steve Gallant and General Election candidate Margaret Pinder.

A STREET BALLOT conducted in Hedon on Saturday by the local Labour Party resulted in 88% of people polled voting NO to any fracking in the East Riding.

A press release issued by Holderness Labour Party said that most voters in the secret ballot held on the day were aware of the issues and deeply concerned about work already going on at West Newton and Walkington.

“The Government has already licensed much of the East Riding for fracking exploration. However, new reports from The Geological Society and World Resources Institute raise questions of water safety, particularly in areas dependent on aquifers for fresh water. Hull and the East Riding draws all its fresh water from the aquifer under our feet and the shale gas deposits the frackers would target lie beneath that aquifer.

“Beverley and Holderness Labour Party are calling on the next Labour Government to impose a moratorium on fracking development. The German government has already done this and France has banned fracking altogether.” – Press Release.

“We don’t believe geological and compliance issues have been fully addressed. Big power companies can’t be trusted to run this industry safely without proper regulation on where and how fracking is possible,” said Steve Gallant – Labour candidate for SW Holderness Ward in the East Riding of Yorkshire Council elections.

“We also wanted to test the strength of local opinion on this, which is why we used one of our regular street stalls to run a secret ballot on fracking. The result was 88% against fracking in East Yorkshire, with only 12% in favour. Many people felt the safety of our water source was a particular issue for this area.”

Margaret Pinder (Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Beverley and Holderness) who was at the street stall said, “The result of the Hedon ballot matches the outcome of a similar poll Labour held in Beverley recently.

“We all know we need new sources of energy, but these should be as environmentally safe and sustainable as possible. I believe a Labour government should look carefully at the issues around fracking and take a similarly cautious approach to France and Germany. It’s clear this is an issue the people in the East Riding take very seriously and the result of our ballot shows they back our call for greater caution.”

The street ballot took place on Saturday morning (6th September 2014) from 10am – 12pm, and over that two-hour period 123 people voted with 15 votes FOR fracking and 108 votes AGAINST.

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  1. DEFRA have produced a report on the impact on rural economies of fracking. It would be interesting to know what’s in it, but the Government have redacted (withheld) major parts, including the effect on house prices. Their excuse – “its in the public interest” … How can it be in our interests to not be told ?

    Its in the interests of energy companies and the government, not the public’s. That’s why
    With the Infrastructure Bill, which allows energy firms to drill under you home, going through parliament this is a disgrace. The Tories take the public for mugs, and if this sort of thing isn’t exposed, they get away with it .

    You can sign a petition calling for the information to be made available at 38Degrees website. or on facebook.

    Or ask Graham Stuart why he doesn’t find out the impact on rural economies before voting for this fracking bill. ? Or why he wont vote to protect our water supply by supporting the amendment that would ban fracking in areas with water aquifers like the East Riding ?

    The man is joke, who represents himself, but not local people’s concerns

  2. Drilling at West Newton has had to stop due to some sort of technical difficulties. There’s nothing stopping Rathlin from setting up one of these fracking rigs on our doorstep in Hedon. Holderness Opposing the Incinerator should now be Holderness Opposing Fracking, it’s a massive threat to our area, it’s far worse than anyone building on Hedon aerodrome but there seems some sort of apathy towards it. Our friends over in Lancashire aren’t taking the treat of fracking lying down and are fighting tooth and nail against it.

  3. Of interest to residents:

    The East Riding Council Planning Committee meets today to consider Rathlin Energy UK’s application to extend its operations at at the Crawberry Hill wellsite at Walkington by two years.

    331 letters of objection have been received.

    The recommendation under discussion today at County Hall, Beverley at 2pm is to APPROVE the variation to the strategic planning permission granted in 2012.

    • The Planning committee decided to ignore all objections raised and the protests. They agreed to extend the drilling license by 10 to 1 ! Same old Tories. Supporting energy companies instead of addressing residents concerns and halting the search for shale gas.

  4. Tonight East Riding Council is to consider application for a further 2 years license extension on work at Walkington.
    Despite the overwhelming opposition and protests, what is the betting the Tories agree to it ? Lets see tomorrow. But its another example of the fact the Tories on East Riding don’t listen and are in on the side of energy companies, not the people of East Riding. Time for a change !

  5. Until the Conservative keep on backing Fracking then the Conservative lead ERYC will carry on letting companies frack the East Riding countryside. The Parish councils in East Riding have a roll in taking a stand against fracking. The evidence is there on how bad this process of obtaining oil is and it’s banned in numerous countries in Europe.

    The Green Party is the only party in Westminster that is against fracking.

  6. Labour needs to pull its finger out and oppose fracking. The evidence from The States is shocking and appalling. Stop pussy-footing around!

    • Dave, I agree the evidence is shocking and mounting ! And what seemed a possible threat, is now a reality. But there is a looming energy crisis, so we have not changed our view without a thorough debate. And the ballots we’ve held in Hedon and Beverley show people clearly are very concerned.

      Just as the whole region is due to benefit from all the green energy investment and all the jobs and upside that will bring, the East Riding are welcoming this dirty, carbon heavy, and potentially dangerous industry onto our countryside.

      To stop it, we need change next May – in Westminster and Beverley.

    • LABOUR has tabled an amendment to the Infrastructure Bill going through Parliament, which would block all fracking in areas where there is a water aquifer. This is due to the danger of the areas water source being polluted by fracking processes.

      This would apply to the East Riding as all our water supply for Hull and East Riding is pumped from the Chalk aquifer under the Wolds and clay of the East Riding.

      Given we found 88% opposed to fracking in East Yorkshire, lets see how Graham Stuart votes when this comes to the vote – with local people’s concerns or with the polluting energy companies.

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